Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
something very sexy like the taste in your mouth when you kiss them after swimming in the ocean
wow, that dress is so SALTY!
by MilaNyvek October 07, 2006
A verb describing an action or situation that is the opposite of sweet (cool).
"My roommate smoked all of my bud while I was out of town."

"Dude, that's salty."
by klippel91 June 10, 2014
when one has acquired a large amount of dandruff that has fallen from their scalp and onto their back. so much so, it resembles the appearance of salt that has been thrown over their shoulder for good luck and landed on their back.
Jordan, i hate to tell you this but you have a salty back!
by twerkalicious69 May 15, 2014
Rattled, mean, rude
Man, Jason was acting salty yesterday
by MadAtJason420 February 04, 2014
When a sugar daddy is broke he is salty.
When he showed up in a Honda I knew he was salty.
by Sugarnotsalt August 04, 2013
To be a flirt , or be too obsessive with a male or a female , usually results in a friend leaving a friend for someone that want to get with
Brandon leaves the crowd with jess to go back to her house, he's being so salty!
by kl51 June 08, 2013
while in high school, dating or hooking up with someone more than 2 years younger than you
Amy: hey did you just hookup with that freshman?
Jenna(senior): who, john? yea?
Amy: dayyuuum jenna's salty!
by Shamwow January 20, 2013

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