Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
Nickname of baseball player Jarrod Saltalamacchia, current record holder for the longest name in Major League baseball history.
Dang, Salty crushed that home run.
by Gerald Laird October 24, 2008
A word originating in Wexford generally meaning that you just got played, or are looking stupid, either because of something you did, or something that was done to you.

Did you lose both of the girls?


aw man, are you salty!!

(everyone laughs)
by Davente10 June 08, 2014
when one has acquired a large amount of dandruff that has fallen from their scalp and onto their back. so much so, it resembles the appearance of salt that has been thrown over their shoulder for good luck and landed on their back.
Jordan, i hate to tell you this but you have a salty back!
by twerkalicious69 May 15, 2014
Feeling really stupid
She was real salty when she got the answer wrong in class, especially since she swore she knew the answer.
by Advocateurknowledge November 17, 2013
sexually appealing; arousing sexual interest or desire
Mmm, Evan Rachel Wood is looking pretty damn salty in the new season of True Blood.
someone who is extremely attractive and hot and sexy. usually refers to hot male surfers
John John Florence looked so salty in that picture.
by ilovesurf420 June 03, 2011
Salty is a slang word for someone who is very attractive or "hot." Usually used when describing extremely sexy males, most of them being surfers.
Oh my god. John John looked so salty when i saw him skate by.
by nuggs4lyfe June 02, 2011

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