The last few tokes of a cigarette before u give it to someelse dying for sum NiCOTiNE
"gimme saves on that brown"
by GotJuice February 23, 2005
a way of basically saying thanks or ok among people. usually used in england areas.
Some Guy: I did your favor that you asked me to do.
Weird Man: Oh, Safe.

Harris John The 4th: Well meet at the shops at 7:30, yeah?
William Shakespeare Jr.: Safe.
by sakib January 24, 2008
A person who is well alright or a good mate
man he's safe now leave off him
man james lent me his car he well safe
here u go james dat burger u asked for oh thanks safe
by m()rgan May 27, 2006
A code word for geting high.
"Dude you safe?"
"Yeah I'm always safe."
"No I mean SAFE."
"Oh, hell yeah."
by Coffinking March 09, 2007
Sensitive As Fuck Everyday
"Don't be S.A.F.E." - Trinidad Jame$
by TPang January 31, 2013
1. hello
2. good
3. thnx rich
2. safe yer
3. ye ye safe
by June 03, 2003
The word is used in a variety of contexts mainly when it is referring to someone you think of as a friend, as a greeting and as a way of saying thank you. The word is derived from the idea of literally being 'safe' when you are with a person, the idea that you will come to no harm.
He is safe, do not hit him.
Safe for letting me borrow your pencil.
Safe, I will speak to you tomorow.
by Gooneytoon May 12, 2008

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