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A code word for geting high.
"Dude you safe?"
"Yeah I'm always safe."
"No I mean SAFE."
"Oh, hell yeah."
by Coffinking March 09, 2007
A game where you crumple up a piece of paper you were gonna throw away and throw it at the can like in basketball.
I'm the bomb at trashsketball.
by Coffinking January 18, 2008
Boobs, vulnerable spot on females, comparable to kicking guys in the testicles.
He punched me in the chesticles.

oooo that's so above the belt.
by Coffinking January 08, 2008
#1-To hit a girl in the chesticles aka boobs.
#2-To hit any part of the body above the belt line.
I want a clean fight nothing above the belt.
by Coffinking January 08, 2008

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