Wimp-ass bizatch hiding in Iraq from the american troops begging for help from his little shitty army that shits a lot on shits.
Saddam Hussein is a girl.
by Shadow_Lord July 24, 2003
A man whose Arabic name must mean, "Crawls Out of a Hole!"
I feel a bit safer knowing that Saddam Hussein is off the streets!
by Hallie Corson September 02, 2005
yo momma from iraq u iraqi bastard
if i said yo momma, i would be talking about Saddam Hussein!!
by Nick The Hobo November 04, 2004
an iraqi that likes to eat shit and fuck shit every day
saddam eats cock
by ffff December 11, 2003
Stupid fuckin' asshole
Hey! You just shot a spitball at me! You Saddam Hussein!
by Da bomb November 23, 2003
someone who is a fucking nut and should be blown to bits
A word that can be used to insult someone you hate
go kill that saddam hussein, and that one to
by clow July 13, 2003
the former pussy ass dictator of iraq who was hiding in a dman whol for months and we found him yesterday. he looked like my grampa.
saddam hussein suckz mah dick
by afikicksass December 15, 2003

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