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Alternate Spelling for damn - developed by the users of a car chat board to circumnavigate the censorship engine.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
One who is continously compared to a seagull and likes to pick food out of the garbage and off the floor.
A: Yo, why is he eatin out of the garbage?

B: Cause that's the D-Man, he is like a seagull.
by Rim Job Rob May 29, 2009
A double shot containing vodka,rum, and whiskey. Derived from D-day; the final drink.
I heard Devon just had a d-man better get the puke bucket ready.
by boxraybot August 28, 2011
a really cool kid who has the best ideas
and draws the best crapped up comics
and is stupid
but cool
and plays with silly string
im the d-man with the d-plan -daniel-
by da foundurr fo shizzle November 12, 2004
A saying used to describe a person or group or persons that attempt to think and act alternatively to all convention and common sense; this can often lead to over complicating easy tasks
Dman is Taking boil in the bag rice out of the bag and slow frying it
by Lucius Millsey April 14, 2008
A person who is the man and is the best at what he does even though what he does no won understands.

A cool dude who does thing the way they should be
That dude calvin is the one and only D-Man
by D-Man September 24, 2003
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