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The Australian division of Chrysler back in the 60's and 70's when cars had soul. Tragically taken over by Mitsubishi in 1981 who proceeded to produce a seemingly endless range of Jap Crap.

Valiant was the third major car manufacturer in Australia alongside Holden and Ford. Traditionally considered wog chariots, Valiants nowdays enjoy cult status for their inimitable looks, character and legendary reliability.

Of particular note was the much-revered Hemi 265ci straight six motor which pumped out over 300 ponies and made their V8 Holden & Ford competitors seem prehistoric. The race-tuned version was planted in selected Pacer and Charger models which command a pretty penny on the muscle-car market today.

Hardcore Val drivers salute each other with the 2-fingered 'V'. However, mistakingly using this salute on a Torana driver and you will end up as another road-rage statistic.

If you own a Valiant you fuckin rock.
by triggaz November 19, 2007
A car range released in Australia, based on the Chrysler models, including the awsome Charger. Kicked ass over the V8s Holden and Ford put out
the sick Valiant Charger and Valiant Pacer
by Lynx Raven Raide December 13, 2004

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