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2 definitions by afikicksass

Shiznit music channel thats shows REAL music videos and not crappy reality shows like mtv(also known as EmpTV). URANIUM, IMX, and POWER FUSE are the best shows ever!! however Kung Faux and Behind the Music that sucks should be taken off the air(they take up precious music video time), And they dont play the super popular shit on the number one countdown. they show good music, unlike mtv.
damn mtv suckz imma fuse from now on!!!
by AFIkicksass November 28, 2003
11 19
the former pussy ass dictator of iraq who was hiding in a dman whol for months and we found him yesterday. he looked like my grampa.
saddam hussein suckz mah dick
by afikicksass December 15, 2003
21 36