1. The area which holds the male testis
2. Shortened work for 'Ballsack'
3. Used to improvise for a word that you would not like to say outloud.
1. ''There are two balls in my sack''
2. ''My sack is large''
3. ''Sack to that''
by Darrenliiike October 08, 2007
someone who is acting either foolish, and or naughty
he's such a sack! or used long and drawn out in disbelief... such as : saaack!
by eric hoek October 10, 2005
sometimes big, sometimes small...but really squishy feeling...feels kinda neat if you ask me hehe. before the butthole..and kind of under the weiner...very sensitive.
Sometimes pornstars get their nutSACKS cut off so they look like fricken terds.

Laug has a very small sack and it embarrasses him in certain situations.
by MYA and CMB May 09, 2006
1.brown hessian bags
2.the bags that holds your balls
3.the things bums use to carry their shit around.
1.move those sacks or I'll shove them up you arse!!!
2.don't you dare touch my sack!
3.move your fucking sacks you lazy bum!
by Jimmy Smith March 18, 2005
VT. to expose one's sack to someone else, on purpose or by accident. Usually happens when a man is wearing shorts and his legs are spread, causing the sack to peep out the leg of the shorts.
"Hey, man, close your legs. You're sackin' me!"

"That guy must be freeballin' he just sacked me."
by fruity booty October 22, 2007
To turn a person's backpack inside out, place their stuff back inside, and zipper it up. Usually takes place during class while the owner of the backpack is not paying attention and is done for a laugh when they try to pick up their backpack, realizing the straps are not there.

Origin: Schenectady High School
Watch your bags around them 'cause they might just sack you.
by KissTheStars December 06, 2006
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