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the deliberate intention of punching a guy in the testicles.
"For some odd reason, I have the urge of sacking someone."
by DerangedShadow November 18, 2007
when a male takes out his testicles and just lets them hang there when he walks. Sorta like sagging.
Person 1: Dude stop sacking my grandma is here.
by pielover97 December 13, 2010
It is when you take a photo of yours or someone else scrotum near a person's face while they sleep.
Shane passed out early so we took a picture of me sacking him.
by AmbushJake March 31, 2009
Somebody with huge balls. Its play on the nickname for the Sacramento Kings basketball team.
Josh's balls are so big that they're starting to wear a hole in the crotch of his jeans. He's more of a sac king than Spud Webb.
by ShaneWood January 12, 2012
When someone slightly lies, but doesn't exaggerate the truth enough so that it is actually impressive. Most commonly used to increase ones self esteem, but not exaggerating so much that it is unbelievable.
CJ: You seem smart, what math course are you in?
Ian: Calculus AB
* actually in honors calculus *
Jason: First, why would lying about his math course make him look cooler? Second, why wouldn't he just say he was in Calculus BC if he wanted to look impressive?
CJ: I guess he was just sacking
by Bro Code Vocab July 12, 2015
A drinking game played between men in which the object of the game is to take out your testicles, and have the opponent look at them. Doing so will mean the opponent owes u either a beer to chug, or a shot of hard liquor. Once sack wars are declared, then sacking (the act of pulling out one's sack) is fair game at any time for the rest of your life, until a player surrenders due to emotional trauma for seeing so much ballsack. The drinks owed will tally, and the sacker (the one who sacks you) can make the sackee (the one who sees sack) drink them at any time. WARNING: some will take this game way too far when introduced, even sacking females, and may cause you to surrender so beware. Last but not least, there is a special type of sacking called the goat, in which the sacker tucks his balls between his ass cheeks, and bends over so you see it from behind. This rare maneuver is worth two drinks.
sacking is for all genders, bitch
by sackmaster3000 June 23, 2011
either your on someone or you wanna stick someone its the way you use it
"damnn girl you sacking that nigga balls"
"dawg i feel like sacking that nigga."
by evaaa January 18, 2008
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