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the deliberate intention of punching a guy in the testicles.
"For some odd reason, I have the urge of sacking someone."
by DerangedShadow November 18, 2007
a male or female who acts like a whore and a bastard
"That guys is such a whotard."
by DerangedShadow March 05, 2007
the point in a day or life that gives someone an extremely quick boost of happiness.

taken from the James Woods experience on Family Guy
Finding 5 bucks on the ground made Ferby scream, "OH, piece of candy!"
by DerangedShadow November 18, 2007
Where a driver is merging onto the highway going 20 miles per hour
because the driver of the SUV was Drivin like a Minnesotan he caused an accident
by DerangedShadow December 15, 2007
where a driver of a car sees a cop car who pulled over another car and the driver has to see whats going on.

this usually ends up creating a traffic jam because of curiosity.
Jack: "Dude, why are ya slowin down?"

Joe: "Dude, im Doin a Minnesotan to see why the cop pulled over the car."
by DerangedShadow December 15, 2007
The movement of one person in a loving embrace moving their nose from down to up which touches the other persons nose.
She wanted to flick me
by DerangedShadow October 10, 2007
The act of both people in a loving embrace having eachothers noses touch and both are moving them; usually ends up in a circular motion.
When we were about to kiss, we decided to just do a flicka...
by DerangedShadow October 10, 2007

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