If you want to describe something that's terrible, bad, retarded, nasty, ugly, or anything like these, you call it: "Sack".

This meme was originally created by iTz HLG MoDz.
"Yo, I fucked that chick last night, but she was so sack!"

"Dude your grades are so sack."

"My teacher has got to be the biggest sack ever!".
by iTz HLG MoDz November 01, 2010
An expletive used to exclaim great unlucky circumstances.
1. "Sack! I stubbed my toe!" or
2. "Oh Sack, my mother-in-law's STILL alive!"
by ChiChiLeBlanc January 29, 2010
an aluminium sack in which goon (or cask wine) is packaged. mostly used in australia.
"pass the sack, mate"
by newfoetus October 08, 2006
A person who consistantly makes mistakes and messes up, most often in social situations. A person who acts in a manner that is looked down upon by others.
Graham spilled his drink! What a sack!
by Irvington November 13, 2005
when peole are haveing sex its said their in the sack
tim was bad in the sack
by david r July 21, 2003
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