Can be spelt 'Sac'.
'Sack Wine' is any wine bought in a large cardboard cask. The word 'sack' is derived from the silver bag that contains the wine inside the box. It is also an anagram of 'cask'.
'Sack Wine' is also referred to as goon and is notoriously cheap and nasty tasting. Despite the taste, it is by far the most economical and hysterical way to get fucked up. It is extremely useful in getting girls drunk, but watch out for them vomiting on you.
"Do you want to go half's in a sack tonight?"
by Diego July 30, 2003
to like someone or wanna get with them
dude, you sack her so bad
by kasjdgkj October 14, 2006
Used to hold all the male juices that you end up accidentaly squirting into a ho's slot machine resulting in social welfare knocking on your door for racking some ho up, making her have a kid!--poor bastard gonna have to pay!
Before death Wilt used his sack to juice on 20,000 ho's. After death his detachable penis found its way to me and I have featured in many porn movies since!
To be brave. To have large testicles.
Yo ass better have some SACK mofo if you try that bitch slap shit on me!
1. In place of the Agreeing words such as "Yes".

2. In place of the words "Cool" or "Rox"

3. In place of the words "Thats sad" or "Ratshit"

4. In place of the word "Fuck"

5. In place of the words "Long" or "Big"

6. Something random to yell in the street, or out of your car window

7. In place of the words "Keen" or "Yeah i'm down"

8. In place of the word "Hungry"

9. In place of the word "Slow"

10. In place of the word "Retard" or "Noob"

1. Dude1: Yo wanna go to town?
Dude2: sack.

2. This drink is pretty sack.

3. Dude1: Dude my sister got kidnapped.
Dude2: That's pretty sack..

4. What the sack?

5. Holy shit that mountains pretty sack


7. I'm pretty sack to hit this shit up


9. Hahaha that car was so sack

10. Dude1: Did you see that guy?
Dude2: Yea he's a fuckn sack.
by Mimming June 25, 2007
Dickhead, moron, asswipe, fuckshit, fuckwad, dundalinger (basically a fool)
get yo' white ass down here you sack
by Piraveen May 27, 2004
a large sack of
Hey ass stop carryin around that smelly sack.
by - it September 29, 2003

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