S.A. refers to the Surface Area underneath your ballsac. It is the area between your sac and your anus
Mark has some major S A
by Hercules10 January 25, 2006
Instead of NSA (No strings attached) it means Strings attached which in that part means you are not single or other wise easier term I have a boyfriend so back off before he kicks your FA!
Guess what SA! I am not NSA anymore!
by Mmmmm Honey December 20, 2005
Small arms. Such as pistols, submachine guns, etc.
I put some small arms on my bike. Now it's queet, yo.
by Nohcnonk May 25, 2005
in LAOS it means weed/drugs
yo dat guy he be smokin so much sa he sucha burn out
by TEENUHHH September 05, 2005
Abbreviation for South Australia.
"Everything is so much better in SA."
by Zoe February 21, 2005
SA Martinez, vocalist for the greatest band on the planet, 311. Martinez is of Latin descent, as he is nicknamed "SA" from the Spanish term "ese" meaning "buddy." His birth name is Douglas Martinez.
"Right about now, I'd like to turn over the mic to my man, SA Martinez!"--Nick Hexum
by AstrongSTARmy816 June 12, 2007
The SA is a Sillent Assasin
A murder for the money
by Tha SA March 21, 2005

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