Abbreviation for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a game produced by Rockstar North.
I got smashed and stayed up playing SA all night... but i kept on crashing my favorite cheetah...
by The Man February 13, 2005
Sonic Adventure. Its a gome on the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube.
SA is an awsome game.
by RandomGuy March 28, 2005
One of the harder 'common' assignments in school, essays are long papers in which the author usually has to prove a point openly stated in the introductory paragraph.
Connor: Going to the mall tongiht?

Donner: Nah. I have a three-page S.A. to write.

Connor: May I help?

Donner: No, thank you.
by Diggity Monkeez January 17, 2005
As in Essay, The Mexican Fatass Down The Street That Came to My Kick Ass Party And Called Everyone Racist.
S A Is A Fucking Dumb Shit
by joe_dude March 27, 2005
Same angle Selfies (when a male or female has a preferred angle to take selfies at they will essentially upload the same pose over and over again on their social media pages)
Her profile is full of pouty S.A.S
by North&J June 02, 2015
n. , transitive. Abbreviation for separation anxiety. Described as a deeply felt emotion of angst, restlessness or worriment lasting for several hours to several days, in the absence of another person or object, often leading to destructive, impulsive and/or neurotic and repetitive behaviors.
"This puppy is the worst, he chews my shoes up and poops on my bed when I'm gone Margie!"

"Calm down Susan, he probably simply experiences S.A. when you leave; he doesn't know when you're coming home and that makes him NERVOUS!"
by brightandblonde1 May 28, 2015
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