A Overpowered, and cheap character in sf4.
His shoryuken =win.

Usually used by noobs who spam his OP moves then QQ when they lose to another character
Hey guys watch me beat this ken player"loses" (crys)
Hey guys watch me beat this Sagat player"loses" (crys)
Hey guys watch me beat this Dan player"loses" (crys)

Fuck, another ryu...lets watch him spam me to death
by sf4t mod June 18, 2010
The Japanese word for "Dragon".

Also the name of the star characters in "Street Fighter", and the excellent dragon RPG, "Breath of Fire". Hi.
Ryu2: Die Mothafucka.
Ryu3: Rarg.
by Sasuke June 19, 2003
Super bad ass that destroys everything.

Also is a leader.

And can also be from Street Fighter.

If you name a character this, nobody will want to fuck with them.
"Aw fuck dude, I just saw Ryu..."
"Yeah man? What happened?"
"He beat my ass, took my moneyz, and tornado-bagged me"
by Ryu S. February 22, 2008
1. A fighter in the immensely popular Street Fighter series that can use some of the most popular moves in the game.
2. A character in the not-so-immensely popular Breath of Fire series. Has the ability to transform into dragons and beat the living hell outta monsters.
1. Since I'm Ryu...You're gonna die, since of course, Ryu's the best.

2. Dude! That Dragon transformation Ryu just did was awesome! It kinda looked like Vegeta blowing himself up against Majin Buu...Before Buu regenerated.
by Link Aurilius October 16, 2003
A.K.A.: Ryu Suzaku, Rick Wheeler, pilot of the Dragon Bird, a member of the Elite Mobile Task Force, and one who wants to assassinate his favorite enemy: Zoda.
Ryu Suzaku: ZODA! I've waited over a hundred and fifty (150) years to KILL YOU!!!
by frodaddy March 02, 2005
Japanese for "way" or "School"

Common usage is to define a particular school of Martial Arts training (ie. Goju-ryu).
Also used in conjunction with "ha", a branch or division of a school.
Goju ryu - The school of Goju style Karate
Heki ryu Insai-ha - The Insai branch of the Heki school of archery.
by Kamishiro Ronin October 23, 2004
The lord of Burnination!!!!!!!
Ph33r him and his followers!!!!!!
by Anonymous March 27, 2003

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