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Ryu a lone wanderer solely looking for spiritual enlightenment.

He trained with ken and akuma of whom each there sensei was Gouken Akuma's brother.

Goutetsuo the shotokan master was killed by Akuma on releasing the dark hadou(shun-goku-satsu). Thus giving Ryu a new goal to find and fight Akuma.

They have thus far fought three times, Ryu won the first Akuma won the second... I do not know who won the third as my game does not work. It is not mentioned in either SF2, SF2V or the SFA movie.
Also known as the Hadoken whore!
by Gouki December 17, 2004
To wield two weapons and swing both wildly, not necessarily hitting anything
On "Baldur's Gate" I equiped a barbarian to go completely apeshit.
by Gouki May 31, 2004
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