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1. Japanese in origin, it simply means "Dragon."

2. An emotionally detached, wandering closet neurotic who also happens to be the focal point of Capcom's immensely popular "Street Fighter" series. Since the mid-1980s, this enigmatic drifter has searched the globe far-and-wide looking for the true meaning of "the fight."

His one and only friend is the arrogant and haughty bi-ethnic rich boy Ken Masters, who somehow, with all of the monetarial wealth he posesses, cannot purchase a pair of tweezers and tweeze his overtly bushy eyebrows.

Did I mention that he (Ryu) may also be psychologically disturbed?

Kyle: I think that Ryu should be the poster-boy for all vagrants out there.

Lou: What the hell's a 'vagrant'?
by Magmeezie August 27, 2003
That martial arts guy from Street Fighter who always beats up his friend Ken in every game. Ryu also enjoys picking fights with poor innocent dictators, demon-possessed martial-artists, and sorcerers, who are all just trying to make their way in the world. Apparently, Ryu also has a schoolgirl fetish, which explains why that Sakura babe keeps following him around since Street Fighter Alpha 2.
Ryu mopped the floor with Ken (again) with his Super Spinning Kick attack.
by capcom sucks August 21, 2003
This dude that beats the shit out of people and takes their milk money. Can be seen doing just that on the Street Fighter series from Capcom.
Person: Hey Ryu, give me back my milk money.

Ryu: Bitch please, you need to run off and beat your dick like it owes you money before I kick you in the head 'bout like four more times.
by Kai March 27, 2004
The best martial artist ever!!! He is the main character of Street Fighter series. Ryu is a martial artist dedicated to perfecting his body and technique. He constantly teavels from place to place around the world. looking for opponenets worthy enough to challenge him. His best friend and sometimes rival is Ken Masters. Both are disciples of Shotokan Karate, and trained under their sersei, Sheng Long.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
A wondering martial artist originating in the Capcom phenominon Street Fighter 2. He has three distinct special attacks: the HaDouKen (Ki ball attack), the ShoRyuKen (Spinning uppercut), and the TatsuMakiSenPuKyaku (Hurricane Kick). In the console games it often impossible to tell what he is yelling out when he does a move. Most think his moves are "oh yuken," hadooket," and "hapjapjapjeruket." Ryu and Ken are close friends.
I don't have any examples.... STOP LOOKING HERE!
by Zoronocool December 05, 2003
The act of ejaculating into your hand during sex and then yelling HADOUKEN loudly while flinging your jizz into her face.
Yo bro i gave my girlfriend a ryu last night!
by JeffHADOUKENMASTER June 28, 2010
Japanese for dragon, not OWNAGE. (noob who ever said ownage)
probably the best character Capcom has ever mad so far.
hes so cool, my dogs name is ryu

you must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance
you must defeat sheng long to stand a chance
Midway: Sub Zero can so kick Ryus ass cause he can do a fatetallity
Capcom: Um wrong why use an instinct kill move when you can just hadouken your opponent from across the screen?
by metsu hadouken December 12, 2009
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