A jackass who has absolutely NO respect for women and tells them to suck his d*** even tho we all kno he doesn't have one. He only dates girls becuz he knows he can get some from them. People think he is hot but he is rly a short douchebag with no morals..
Girl 1: Ryan is soo hot

Girl 2: Bitch i oughta slap u right now... he will only go out with you becuz he wants that cherry pie of yours
#bitch #dick #jackass #cherry pie #douchebag
by VDCs girl November 22, 2010
a piece of shit person. that is two faced crooked teeth bitch; also can give undoubting love but throws i in your face in the end. knows how to treat a lady but his attitude is bad and his temper is waayyy to short to bein any relationship; buggs the shit out of u with "i love yu n miss u still" after ur broken up.
man ryan will never change and stop being a poor sport
#ryan #piece of shit #two faced #undoubting #attitude
by milf2008 December 07, 2010
Ryan is a name for some one who is wimpy. He had little chicken legs.
Dude, those chicken's leg's look like Ryan's!
#ryan #chicken #legs #fag #lol
by manguster November 05, 2010
A human, typically of the male gender who wishes his name was RICH, and wishes he could be more like Tommy. Usually very tall, dark haired and sexy this type of man prefers middle aged, jacked 1/2 Italian 1/2 Maltese guys. They probably will deny any gay relationship they have to try and act like a man in front of their big IRISH family.
I feel so bad for that kid over there. He's acting like a real big Ryan right now in front of his friends and family.
#gay #rich #ryan #tommy #human
by Ryan's Lover July 16, 2011
He likes boys and is very fond of fondling testacles with his tongue while the guy cums all over his forhead. He prefers to do this and many other disturbing acts with his best freind hunter.
Ryan loves hunters dick.
#gay #ryan #boys #cock #turkey
by Sadams left nut January 23, 2011
a huge douchebag
He is a ryan
#ryan #homo #douche #bag #loser
by goblue2795 August 02, 2010

- Offten used to describe a faggot.
-Likes to chase little kids and contiue creeping people who he cant get.
-likes it up the ass.
-creeps anyone.
-looks stupid.
OMG did you see that kid? he is such a ryan!


OMG that kid is such a creep. what a ryan
#ryan #rayn #faggot #creep #loser
by shovitupyoassnig March 27, 2011
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