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An insanely massive breakfast, usually containing various types of typical breakfast foods in large(r) quantities.
I had a birthday breakfeast: three eggs, an omelet, four slices of bacon, four sausage links, hashbrowns, five pancakes, two waffles, French toast; I'm pretty much full.
by Naomi-Tatiana October 21, 2006
A codename or soubriquet for fantastic morning sex; a meal, early in the day, at Sonic

breakfast: a codename for morning sex
Lets go have breakFEAST in bed.

I'll two Breakfast Bistros with Sausage, Egg & Cheese and a Breakfast Burrito with Ham...I want to have a breakFEAST!
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007
some awsome sonic restaurant commercial that has been erased from the internet due to lawsuits with youtube and sonic.
wa, ha, haow, breakFEAST
by shnider December 10, 2007

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