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To be so drunk that you go bendy at the knees and sway around the place, as though you were made out of rubber.
Man I was totally rubbered last night! The harder I tried to keep my feet on the ground, the more I was wobbling all over the place.
by Growkie February 25, 2006
26 16
It must be a less used word.

Means ignored. Blanked. etc
Saw John in town today. He totally rubbered me!
by Johnny October 06, 2004
42 21
(scottish / dundonian ) To be ignored or not noticed intentionally or unintentionally
"oh my god you have just been rubbered!" "rubbered mate!"
by frbs August 08, 2009
14 5
out yer trolly or totaly pissed
oh my god i was rubbered last night
by kerrie April 07, 2005
8 13
after fucking a hoe, u take the condom off and slap her in the face with it. it does not have to be a hooker, but should be cautious to do this on your main bitch, she might not call u back.
yo, i rubbered that hoe last night. i straight took the rubber off and slaped her dead in the face with it. too funny when done correctly.
by $nowman'$exy April 05, 2010
2 13