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To get angry and lose your temper.
PersonA "Do you see that? Phil's groping my girlfriend!"
PersonB "Ok mate, don't lose your rag..."
PersonA "Too late, I punched him in the face"
by Growkie September 17, 2006
To be so drunk that you go bendy at the knees and sway around the place, as though you were made out of rubber.
Man I was totally rubbered last night! The harder I tried to keep my feet on the ground, the more I was wobbling all over the place.
by Growkie February 25, 2006
To talk about something irrelevant, or incorrect.
1. "What did you get up to last night?"
"Oh, just sat round a friends house talking bollocks."

2. "I was out last night and met this bloke who told me he was once an astronaut."
"Woah, did you believe him?"
"No, he was talking bollocks".
by Growkie August 13, 2006
A term coined by director Michael Bay for the editing technique used at certain times, on certain films.
A good example of "fucking the frame" would be the fight scenes in 2007's Transformers film where the camera is shaken to empasise/illustrate heavy impacts or loud explosions, making it hard to focus on areas of the picture.
by Growkie August 19, 2007
When something goes horribly wrong
Uh oh, the coppers are on to us. This plan's gone all ta shit
by Growkie April 04, 2005
Bobby Over IP. To travel via the internet, much the same as VOIP, but with a person.
There was no other way to get there, so he had to go via BOIP.
by Growkie March 07, 2005

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