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A piece of rubber that covers the mans penis so he can have sex with a woman and don't have to worry about getting a yucky std or having a asshole kid.
Fuck, I didn't use a rubber, Now I have herpies and have a whole fucking daycare.
by dood August 05, 2004
274 174
1. (Am. English) a condom

2. (Brit. English) an eraser
1. How did I run out of rubbers so fast?

2. Any of you blokes got a rubber? This number 3 pencil is too dark.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
884 172
1. Naturally occuring substance that is the basis for most latex products, although synthetics are becoming more and more common.

2. Am. Slang - condom

3. Br. Slang - pencil eraser
1. "The crew just harvested a grove of rubber trees."

2. "I have to run out and grab some rubbers before my girlfriend comes over."

3. "Can I borrow a rubber? Mine wore down."
by maria13 February 10, 2005
285 101
- Another word for condom.
- Condom.
I dont use rubbers.
Rubbers make all the feeling go away.
by shea December 11, 2003
147 36
In England a rubber is also a pencil eraser.
by Ian Chode June 11, 2003
118 81
See condom
Damn, I'm all outta rubbers.
by anonymous November 02, 2002
110 74
1. an eraser
2. a condom
1. I bought a pack of rubbers incase i make any mistakes whilst writing.
2. I banged this fit girl, lucky i bought some rubbers earlier in the day!
by hellothere111 March 07, 2009
46 19