Scottish slang, used as a verb to describe the act of ignoring something.
"Is that the door? We're too busy playing FIFA, just rubber it"

"I was trying to phone Davie earlier on to find out about those pills for Friday, but the cunt's rubbering his phone"
by sengabus August 31, 2006
1. an eraser
2. a condom
1. I bought a pack of rubbers incase i make any mistakes whilst writing.
2. I banged this fit girl, lucky i bought some rubbers earlier in the day!
by hellothere111 March 07, 2009
A type of condom, usually made of latex, but can be sometimes made of lambskin(not really lambskin, but the intestines).
"I remember when I got my first rubber"
by chris galehouse March 26, 2008
British word for eraser
I've got some rubbers when i went school shopping
by Tana12346 September 15, 2013
general insult; a rubber (noun) is another name for a person of questionable judgment in its most mild form and an outright dick in the worst
Yo dude, you're a fuckin' rubber!
by J B October 12, 2004
An obscure term for hitmen, coming from the slang "rub out", meaning to kill.
Did you see his eyes? He's a rubber, for sure.
by Vargouille June 14, 2011
A frequently used covering for the penis to catch a mans seman during sexual intercoarse to prevent the woman from becoming pregnant.
Darling - lets fuck I'll use a rubber so you needn't worry about starting a baby.
by teddy jojnson October 22, 2006

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