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4 definitions by dood

A piece of rubber that covers the mans penis so he can have sex with a woman and don't have to worry about getting a yucky std or having a asshole kid.
Fuck, I didn't use a rubber, Now I have herpies and have a whole fucking daycare.
by dood August 05, 2004
to act like someone or something you're not (as in drive a car that's not yours)
Mike wuz flauging in his pops' Benz.
by dood June 23, 2003
Nightranger, Nightranger, Nightranger.....
Nightranger is a fucking fairy
by Dood March 11, 2005
A rating system for the male penis.

10+ inches = the elite
8 - 9 inches = the average user
6 - 7 = disdavantages
5- = tragic

the inch has a very powerful affect on a mans confidence
the guy had a 5 inch cock so we threw him out of the sex club and went around the city making poster saying "timothy has a very small penis"

timothy later killed himself by hacking off his knob
by dood November 13, 2004