To be intoxicated, feeling like a piece of rubber
He was like rubber last night
by Irish Gav July 10, 2008
1. automobile tires(see also burn rubber)

2. a condom
How would somone so young get his paws on a rubber?
by Light Joker January 02, 2005
a condom
hey kid go get the rubbers in gonna tap this ass!
by Zach April 09, 2004
A person whose mere presence dampens the mood.
Mark you are a fucking Rubber!
by Rob Sonnemann April 05, 2006
a street basket-ball match.
let's play sum rubba now, homies!
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
Some kind of grippy substance. Capable of absorbing electricity, and smells bad when burnt.
I suck at flinging rubber bands.
by dj_gs68 November 06, 2003
A condom.
Look at this fat-ass nigga. Sloppy sucka. You a ugly mo'erfucker. Your pop shoulda worn rubber.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 18, 2003
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