The coolest guy on earth who is from the north, way sexier and cool than jake!
Wow! Theres Ross, he is so hot!
by FlyGuyPie May 31, 2011
A sweet caring boyfriend. He treats you like a princess even when you don't deserve it. He has those gorgeous blue eyes that will steal your heart with just one look. Always treat him right.
Your so Ross
by Cameronpaige February 03, 2013
A Ross is a name generally used to discribe the wack male kind. Ross's are usually some of the nicest people you will meet but will easily push you away. A Ross is a constantly drunk person who gives his heart too easily. He will always fall for the emo girls but when he finally finds that good girl he needs in his life she will hurt him (by mistake) and he will never talk or reason with her again. Good hearted boy who just needs help showing it. Often guitarists with a dirty sence of humour but very lovable to blondes with sexy voices. Ross really needs to trust the bitchy blonde for once.
** good girl making out with a Ross friend **
Guy 1: dude isn't that the chick ross likes?
Guy 2: dude Ross is going to be pissed!
by guess who?•• June 27, 2011
Ross is usually a male. He's one of those short on the outside but big on the inside type person. He's very funny and really fun to be around. A very sportive man who usually sticks to basketball, but will play volleyball, soccer, and football. A strong guy who isn't scared to speak. He treats people right. Is loved by many and an amazing friend. Hes one of a kind!
Is that Ross? He's great!
by Dwwhoiam March 13, 2015
A Tall, hot, sexy, big dicked PIMP. Loves bj's in the woods and wanking over skype.
Damn, look at him, he must be a Ross
by qwertyuiolkmjnhbgvfcderftgybhn October 22, 2013
rosses are either fairly quite and reserved but kind and intelligent or they are total British fuck bois
"Ross was helping me work on my project"
"Yeah he is a bit weird but pretty chill"
"Ross kept asking for nudes and his voice was slaying me but I couldn't give in"
by TheKinktonicFriend June 04, 2016
Ross rape 'n' Co.
El Rossidentey is the leader of Bananarama and founder of Ross Rape 'n' Co.
by rfgbfnhg June 10, 2016
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