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A Ross is definitely a great man. Known to many by "Sex God". Ladies offer their bodies to his almighty power. If you are a female and you haven't fucked Ross, you better out on your grizz boots because its goin down.
Ross was the most amazing sex giver EVER.
by Str8Russ November 10, 2013
A Ross is a name generally used to discribe the wack male kind. Ross's are usually some of the nicest people you will meet but will easily push you away. A Ross is a constantly drunk person who gives his heart too easily. He will always fall for the emo girls but when he finally finds that good girl he needs in his life she will hurt him (by mistake) and he will never talk or reason with her again. Good hearted boy who just needs help showing it. Often guitarists with a dirty sence of humour but very lovable to blondes with sexy voices. Ross really needs to trust the bitchy blonde for once.
** good girl making out with a Ross friend **
Guy 1: dude isn't that the chick ross likes?
Guy 2: dude Ross is going to be pissed!
by guess who?•• June 27, 2011
-A very unique word that generally describes a very unique man. A man like no other, one that can bring a smile to your face even if he is a million miles away.

-Can Describe a very handsome man with a smile and eyes that will steal your heart the moment you meet him

-A Ross has a sense of humor that can make even the sternest of men crack with laughter

-Adventurous, always down to seek new heights and be apart of the party, I am sure he is the life of most events that he is apart of

-A brave man with more courage than anyone I know, if you see the cowardly lion should give him a Ross card.
-Some ladies will most likely refer to him as a unicorn

-Has the best way with words, a most genuine personality that you cant help but awesome.

-When speaking of a Ross you are speaking of someone with most likely more charisma than anyone you have ever encountered

-A Ross is respectful
-The heart of a Ross is very large

-You will only come in contact with a Ross most likely once in your life, pretty lucky
"Wow! You have a Ross? You better keep that one!"

"Have you ever encountered a Ross?"

"Thats one sexy Ross over there?"

"Ross is so amazing!"

"I am pretty sure i just met a Ross. Do you think he noticed me as well?"

"I am so lucky to have Ross in my life"
by Goofball6 February 03, 2010
A Tall, hot, sexy, big dicked PIMP. Loves bj's in the woods and wanking over skype.
Damn, look at him, he must be a Ross
by qwertyuiolkmjnhbgvfcderftgybhn October 22, 2013
"Farmer Jack has a lot of Ross's."
by CHICKEN3212 November 21, 2012
A total man-whore. Has a Network of females who have gone out with him and have a warning/intervention plan should he try and tap another female.
Did you see john pull a total ross on becky last night at the party?

yeah, he macked her, fucked her, ditched her. she had to puke in the shitter alone. poor girl.
by Leon Ethier May 30, 2011
A poetic, socially critical, cynical hominid intellectual, with an insatiable appetite for alcohol, women marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms and an unfathomable contempt for authority as well as other cultural institutions. He is typically an Alpha male loner, with no need for a pack. He maybe be considered a shaman by some and by others a schizophrenic with tourette's syndrome.
Somehow Ross got that woman into him with is intelligent banter about social structure.

Ross left with the woman after they finished their beers to go smoke blunts and eat shrooms.
by DonJaun Delanouche February 02, 2010