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A very handsome man with mysterious bright blue eyes. Has a way with stealing your heart and making it melt with his sweet words of affection. His smile gives butterflies to the girl with the green eyes. Hugs like a bear, kisses sweetly, and loves deeply. Caring and passionate. To sum it all up, a total sweetheart :)
I love you Ross
by february24 August 31, 2010
204 118
a person of male gender. Before you know him, you are a normal sane person. He will like you and then not like you. he will make you madly and deeply in love with him, and then he will turn his back on you and like someone else who doesnt know he exists.
"i can't get over ross..."
by depressed and ehhh April 26, 2009
243 180
A really hot guy who loves World of War Craft and Star Wars. Ross is a guy who you can trust with your life. He is funny, doesn't care what other people think of him, and real. He doesn't try to be anyone he's not. Easy to fall in love with and just a caring person. You can never get bored with Ross even if your having a three hour conversation about nothing. He is really sweet and sensitive. He can commit to sports and other things, but not girls. You can have the best conversations with Ross. He gets drunk a lot and has really crazy and funny drug stories. You will be lucky to ever meet a Ross because they are hard to come across.
Girl 1: Do you see that really hot guy over there playing World of War Craft.
Girl 2: Yeah
Girl 1: Well, who is he?
Girl 2: Oh thats Ross. You should go talk to him. You will rarely meet someone like him ever again.
by LacROSS Caller April 22, 2011
77 32
Someone named Ross is usually of the male gender. A Ross is smart and literally perfection. His brown hair and green eyes will hypnotize you. He always makes you feel so special, like nothing else matters and you don't have to worry about anything. He may be soft spoken but he has a lot to say. He is handsome and all the girls want him. He is athletic and strong, but still kind and gentle. A Ross' hugs are the best and he is very protective. He generally dates girl that are shy, but sweet. He's adorable, and extremely cute. He may seem quiet at first, but is very loud in reality. When you start to get to know him, it's hard not to fall for him, especially if he falls for you. He's willing to do almost anything for you. He'd wait a whole year for you if he had to. He's very complimentary, but also insecure, so give him compliments too. He'll stay up until he falls asleep talking to you, and stay on the phone with you for hours discussing how much he loves you and what you'd name your children, and how perfect they'd be. He sticks to playing sports like basketball and soccer, but might play football as well. A Ross is special; if you have one, hold him close and never let go.
Girl 1: "Wow, he's amazing! I wonder who he is!"

Girl 2: "That's Ross."

Girl 1: "Figures."
by dillonsgirl23 December 27, 2012
23 3
an extremely awesome kid with a mullet who every girl should want no matter what people say about him. Also a great loyal friend who can be trusted with anything. You should greet him with a kiss or hug.
Dude 1:Whose that kid with the mullet?

Dude 2:That's Ross!
by OMAN IS AN AWESOME COUNTRY January 19, 2009
188 171
A sweet caring boyfriend. He treats you like a princess even when you don't deserve it. He has those gorgeous blue eyes that will steal your heart with just one look. Always treat him right.
Your so Ross
by Cameronpaige February 03, 2013
12 3
The coolest guy on earth who is from the north, way sexier and cool than jake!
Wow! Theres Ross, he is so hot!
by FlyGuyPie May 31, 2011
15 6