The act of disappointing someone or to be disappointed.
When you aren't going to go out with your friends when they expect you to, you are rossing them.

I thought that girl was going to come see me, but she rossed me.
by WastedNickel August 20, 2010
(noun); streight up death metal head that has a thing for lady gaga music and love songs. can worry and think too much but is a fantastic person with blue eyes that will suck in your soul.
has dark wavy hair and a gotee, plays bass and drums badass and can hug like a motha-fucker.
also is gifted in many ways ;]
girl 1 "who is that that just came up and kissed you out of no where?"
girl 2 "that's my boyfriend Ross"
girl 1 "he's gotta nice ass"
girl 2 " i know :P"
by SerenadingCaira June 07, 2010
Ross is the name of a vertically challenged individual who is often very clumsy. Any person who goes by the name of Ross can also be referred to as "parki" or has parkinsons as with a general spazam this person will drop, smash, spill or generally cause havoc and hilarity.
Ross you plonker you've fallen over and split my beer!
by jams26 August 12, 2010
1. v. Growing a beard like Rick Ross'

2. adj. Awesome
dude 1: yo Roy hasn't shaved in like a week
dude 2: ya i think hes rossin

dude 1: i won the lottery yesterday
dude 2: thats tottally ross!
by Michael bro May 05, 2008
A douchebag cock muncher. Who can be abusive, but is always there when you need him.
If you're are an amazing friend, and you are gay, you are a Ross.
by xxfall4jessxx June 07, 2010
noun: a person who cannot be trusted. he will smile too much to try to gain your trust and acceptance while secretly having his own agenda that he CANNOT deviate from

verb: "to ross"

to tell someone that you will do something and then disappear

also, to sabotage: especially in matters involving two of his friends.

also, to pretend your interested in something and then turn to the person next to you and say something like "wtf" or "this guy is crazy"
that guy said he would show me where the subway was, but when i went to tie my shoes he totally rossed me
by DFD1987 March 14, 2010
to rob a car and or keyboard
most feared man in ireland
ross is gonna rob your ar and or keyboard
by penistornado January 21, 2009
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