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noun: a person who cannot be trusted. he will smile too much to try to gain your trust and acceptance while secretly having his own agenda that he CANNOT deviate from

verb: "to ross"

to tell someone that you will do something and then disappear

also, to sabotage: especially in matters involving two of his friends.

also, to pretend your interested in something and then turn to the person next to you and say something like "wtf" or "this guy is crazy"
that guy said he would show me where the subway was, but when i went to tie my shoes he totally rossed me
by DFD1987 March 14, 2010
18 54
1. v. Growing a beard like Rick Ross'

2. adj. Awesome
dude 1: yo Roy hasn't shaved in like a week
dude 2: ya i think hes rossin

dude 1: i won the lottery yesterday
dude 2: thats tottally ross!
by Michael bro May 05, 2008
32 69
to rob a car and or keyboard
most feared man in ireland
ross is gonna rob your ar and or keyboard
by penistornado January 21, 2009
23 64
This name is usually a short, ugly, fat kid that has no friends.
A kid with the name Ross
by Dumb Aseee February 07, 2011
23 67
A verb originating from mississauga; ross refers to the act of something being destroyed/humilated/going wrong/and or beaten, this usually refers to yourself, or something in relation to you.
1) Yo, GSP JUST ROSSED PENN, no one can touch em

2) We just rossssed that materials assignment

3) If bosh leaves toronto hed get rossed styll
by InstantPhenom February 03, 2009
37 82
a horrid little person who picks on younger people because they think their perfect
"look at that kid's hair, eww mines alot better"
"your such a ross"
by jinglebells939393 February 08, 2010
23 71
A unit that attempts to measure the level of campness of a person.
Whoa! That shirt is worth at least 10 Ross.
by Ross (Are you surprised?) January 30, 2009
23 71