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The act of Mowing your own, or someone else's lawn for pleasure.
Oh man, i totally went out Rossing with my friend jose and the sun burned my skin.
by Iplayrs August 02, 2012
The act of wearing a shirt or jacket.

Open without an under shirt and stomach hanging out.
Jexclusive:" Is this man serious at the club Saturday Night..."

Frank:"Yeah he is.... just a jacket and gut hanging out..."

Jexclusive:"He Rossing Tonight Sh*t Looks Terrible"
by jexclusive813 December 25, 2013
The act of stealing a scrap of food hanging from someone's mouth before they have had a chance to swallow it up, and eating it for one's self. In more extreme cases, the rosser will use his elongated tongue to swill out the victim's mouth to collect any last residual drops of stolen food.

Occasionally, victims have reported hearing a clicking noise just before they have been attacked, and think this may be the rosser preparing himself for the raid.
'I was walking along, minding my own business, eating my crayfish and avocado bagel, when suddenly, someone was rossing me from behind'.
by ross-ee July 07, 2013
someone that creeps on people every day. It's a different level from a creeper, it's someone that finds creeping amusing.
Dude you have to stop rossing, its becoming really concerning.
by DWU February 10, 2012
When a married man stops mid-conversation to check out an attractive girl as she walks past. And then follows with, 'what were we talking about again?'
Kelvin: Dude are you Rossing again?

Tom: ... *awkward silence*
by Luminous Nose July 19, 2013
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