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1. A Kiwi/Australian slang that is used in place of the more commonly used term "fuck."
1. You're rooted! (You're fucked)
2. If ya wanna root just ask! (If ya wanna fuck just ask)
3. Roots Rocks! ( A slogan on a popular Canadian brand of clothing (Roots)
by Winston Wan January 08, 2003
To have sexual intercourse with someone or to be masturbating yourself or others.
Hey man , did you know that chick had a root with simon in the bush.

by JDSecretLover April 14, 2009
Root in Ireland is often used to mean kick often in a sporting context.
'He rooted the ball as far as he could' or 'he gave him an awful root up the hole when the ref wasn't looking.'
by murty78 February 02, 2012
the feeling of not being able to move, especially under the influence of marijuana, just as though your body has roots attached to you keeping you grounded.
-after the partake of marijuana-

"Hey man, could you go downstairs and get me a glass of water?"

"Nah, I can't move right now. I got roots."
by greenfox420 January 07, 2012
a nigga from the hood
Stop being a dirty root
by jewbaggin' December 30, 2010
In Ballymena it is someone who is far beyond annoying
'You're a wee root....'
by tight lawd December 12, 2011
The ethnic historical significance of any event which occurs - normally this is related to phrases such as: pared, boyed, murked, failed - however, this is with respect to a

'Neo Third World' perspective on the matter at hand.
boy1: Excuse me miss, may I say you look lovely and it would be great if I could have your number.

girl1: Pass your phone, Im not sure what my number is but I’ll try.

girl2: This man is a joke, (turns and whispers to girl one) just jack this toff and leave.
girl1: I gtg soz bi
boy1: oh my, that has left me feeling down

stranger: Boyed!

boy1: Oh no they left with my phone

stranger2: Boyed again!
boy1: That was a present for passing my a levels at eton
stranger3: roots
by TheoreticalTerrorist November 30, 2010
1. Alex Haley's 1974 Reader's Digest story series, "Roots."
2. Alex Haley's 1976 book, "Roots: Saga of an American Family."
3. Alex Haley's 1977 ABC miniseries, "Roots."
Wuts yo name sun
by asdiomqwimidamd June 14, 2004

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