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A very large penis, usually refered to when erect.
Damn, his whole root is buried in dat ass!!
by savatom April 03, 2003
313 257
The administrator user in Unix (e.g. GNU/Linux) systems with the highest level of permissions.
$make me a sandwhich

:: no

$su root

Enter password: *******

#make me a sandwhich

:: Done!
by The Other Donut Factory October 26, 2012
72 18
Another term for a stiffy.
Ballick naked he was...and he was up a root!

Piers Morgan? That fuckin' root? Fuck I really hate the cunt.
by Clarkekentyboy April 28, 2008
274 225
this is a slang word for a penis.
where that root at means where that penis at
by troots February 19, 2007
267 223
To have sex.

"She wants to root all the boys"

"I had a root last night"
by Frihet April 18, 2009
52 29
a slang term for a womens legs, often used by lowlife drunks.
Hey, Barney, check out the roots on that bitch!
by Urban_genius August 22, 2006
77 63
The water absorbing end of a tree, you sick bitch.
Oops, I tripped on a root.
by Rohan October 31, 2003
59 48