Beer pong
Hannah: "So what did you do at the party last night?"
Tyler: "oh we played some root"
by penispopper123 January 20, 2013
In Ballymena it is someone who is far beyond annoying
'You're a wee root....'
by tight lawd December 12, 2011
another name for beer pong.
yo man lets go to franks tonight to play some root.
by xdefiner August 28, 2009
The 1977 ABC miniseries. Set white people back 50 years
Have you seen roots? That's going to set us back...
by TheNerd June 07, 2005
South Texas stoner interjection that expresses a negative or angry feeling or emotion
"Dude, the bowl is cashed"

by g69allthetime January 09, 2008
It is Aussie/Kiwi slang for having sex best illustrated in the example below
A kiwi is a creature that eats roots and leaves.
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
This is a clan at Central Peel who are a select few from higher and elite gangs that stoop down to Big I and C-roots level of gayiety to laugh for a day.
Yo, are da roots there too?
Can be used in names:
by FaKaThAn June 14, 2003

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