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4 definitions by daveydeadite

Handed an unreturnable blow, or a powerful punch or slap.
"That dude just got his shit ROCKED"
by daveydeadite May 19, 2005
154 31
A basic glorified pawn-shop in which criminals and scumbags can "trade-in" video games and dvds for cash. Beware of their Game Informer Card and Don't reserve games.
Welcome to Gamestop, your one stop pain-in-the-fucking-ass.
by daveydeadite May 19, 2005
129 84
a guy, generally who has overly-done hairdos, tight shirts and general metrosexual tendencies. Stuck-up and most likely drives a nisan and listens to terrible dance music and gets their eye brows down.
Jeez, that dude is the biggest frickin' beat-off on earth..He's wearing girl pants for christs sake!
by daveydeadite May 16, 2005
21 14
Someone who is completey oblivious to their actions, unaware of reactions and such.
Thanks for takin' a leak on that chicks sofa, you bastard-ass.
by daveydeadite May 16, 2005
12 10