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when one comapnion in a relationship is suckered into preforming marital status acts for the other companion without bitching about it
When companion A asks companion B "Will you wash my jeans? you can just pick them up in from my room" and companion B complies without complaint. Companion B has been Bitch Whipped
In an sentence: Katee was so bitch whipped into doing her girlfriends laundry!
by Danger and Judah September 18, 2007
When a guy will do whatever girlS tell him to. In other words, whipped by bitches/girls. PLURAL ; When a guy does whatever more than one girl tells him to do.
Janna: "Dude. Eric SOO bitch whipped."
Nancy: "What ? How ?"
Janna: "Watch. ERIC ! Can you hold my binder for me ? & Hold on to my jacket ?"
Eric: "Suree" *takes stuff*
Janna: *Looks at Nancy* "See ? Now your turn."
Nancy: "Eric, can you go slap Brent for me ?"
Eric: "Aha. Why ?"
Nancy: "Just because."
Eric: "Okaaaaay ?" *Goes to slap Brent*
Nancy & Janna: "HAHAHHA"
by (c)$USHixjanna August 05, 2010
Someone who is controlled by their bitch during a relationship
Brayden Cooper is bitch whipped by his girl O.S
by mingehunter6969 November 28, 2014

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