A junker car, one you run into the ground rather than putting any money into repairs.
"man, that dude is trailer trash, always driving around in a roach."
by jafafa August 01, 2006
Any police vehicle with the traditional black and white paint job. If you see one, there are a few more waiting that you haven't seen yet. The word is Altonian in origin.
"Oh crap! A roach just pulled out in front of me."
by Dot January 04, 2005
The end of a Joint or Blunt of marijuana and looks like a cock roach a.k.a. Roach. Contains the most resin, save roaches to roll new blunts or joints for an even stronger effect from the resin.
Damn! that shit burned my fingers Roach that Joint man.
by Cuban Pete August 09, 2004
Leave a spark patch with your knee
Man, I need a new visor, cause you Roached in front of me.
by DJ October 23, 2003
A derogatory term which is insulting to the TRG (Tiny Rascal Gang).
Nigga fuck them roaches
by mfgrue38 February 01, 2004
A word of many meanings, most common, Papa Roach, referring to a band that has no talent
papa ROACH sucks a left nut
by MaRbIeZ April 27, 2003
as in cock roach. another word for cock, yay another way to say dick!
Kenny Suprised Betty When He Pulled Out His Roach At Her Daugher's PreSchool Graduation Ceremony.
by ali September 25, 2004

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