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n. Car Sales: The most vile form of sub-human rubbish; ever to defile a dealership show room. They often arrive in beat up, stinky, trade-in's that smells like dirty diapers and animal urine. Always brings along their unruly, filthy, offspring when attempting to purchase a vehicle. Cannot purchase because the credit is horrific, and never have money down. A complete waste of time!
Man, I cannot beleive I got stuck with another Roach today. I getting tired of these people who cannot buy cars!
by danth666 September 22, 2009
Car Sales: A person with bad credit who is unable to get a car loan. A total waste of time. Too many of these customers in a month will sink the month, just like too many barnacles on a boat will sink that boat.
That last customer was a barnacle! The Finance department could not get him approved even with $2000 down
by danth666 September 17, 2009
n. Car sales term: A person who has terrible credit and has difficulty in obtaining financing for a vehicle. They often show up in beat up trade- ins that theyhave a negative equity issue with. Most often a waste of time.
I wasted three hours on a Dirt Bag today. and we could not get him approved!
by danth666 September 18, 2009

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