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A derogatory term to describe someone that has done something out of order or harsh

A term to describe an act that can be deemed as harsh
You roach prick, i can't believe you did that!

Thats fucking roach you roach twat!
by Marko Arakas March 27, 2007
Someone who wont die.
I shot him 31 times and that roach STILL got away.
by Brian Roberts September 16, 2004
The shitty end of anything, but usually refers to the end of a joint or blunt.
1. I dont think there is any more hits on that blunt roach
2. That bowl of oat meal is getting kind of roachy, I think you should chuck the rest of it
by Kool Mint Flava September 30, 2004
see African American kitchen
turn the light on in their kitchen and the roaches will all scatter.

man 1: yo dogg dem roaches be err where n my kitchen.

man2: shit dogg i be usin dat raid 2 kill dem.
by yomynigg October 21, 2009
a street name for the drug Rohypnol made by a company called Roache. also known as ruffies. a benzodiazapine similar to valium but much more potent. Often used in raves or used to drug people in order to rape them.
I just saw a guy slip a roach in your drink.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
One who is generally lazy, cheap, and an overall scumbag.
Robbie ditched his date, the night of the prom, because he is a roach and didn't want to pay for a tux.
by EcKo5 April 25, 2005
A junker car, one you run into the ground rather than putting any money into repairs.
"man, that dude is trailer trash, always driving around in a roach."
by jafafa August 01, 2006