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6 definitions by MAGGALO

The most beautiful, most gentle, most sincere, and most tragic woman ever born. Character on crimescene.com; subject of famous metal song. See Slipknot.
Purity Knight went to school in Mississippi and was born in Arkansas.
by MAGGALO May 16, 2004
Butthole; mangina; anus; man-cunt; poop-chute. Refers to use of rectal passageway of a man for sex.
I swear, I could probably drive a truck through Aintyo Bidness' man-neden.
by MAGGALO July 24, 2004
A growth on the penis caused by the human papilloma virus. Generally associated with multiple male partners.
At the clinic in San Francisco, Ainty Bidness was told he had so many genital warts his penis would have to be amputated.
by MAGGALO July 24, 2004
A well-known homosexual who cruises Eminem forums across the intenet. Known for having tantrums against those who won't meet up with him for cruising in local bathhouses.
Aintyo Bidness was told at the clinic he's positive for HIV.
by MAGGALO July 24, 2004
High on marijuana (derived from "roach", "roach clip", etc).
Don't pay any attention to Stew when he's acting like this. You know he's roached.
by MAGGALO January 13, 2004
Cannabis, particularly when in a smoking-ready form (dried weed, bowls, joints, etc).
"Man, let's go score some roach and fry ourselves silly!"
by MAGGALO January 13, 2004