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the end of a joint, can be eaten or saved. Contains the most resin
shit dawg! suck down dat roach
by alex April 26, 2003
This word is used to insult the trg (Tiny Raskal Gang) members.
mothafucc roaches! Fake ass nigga grey out.
by Vietnameze2202 December 03, 2008
Roach...is the phantom alt/evil genius , who lurks everywhere but is known only by but a few distant ones.
Always watched but never seen.
The minuteman of activism.
worship him, respect his unbounding knowledge, revere his undying compassion, and fear his wrath.
In the beginning , there was Roach...

everything else followed.
by kursha badurbadurp April 24, 2009
Noun. It refers to a person who one may have had past relationships with and who refuses to move on from that relationship. He/she continues to show up in your life.
You remember that guy I dated three months ago? I told him I wasn't interested and ended it with him. Well, he just text me and asked if I want to grab drinks with him tonight. He's such a roach - he just won't die.
by magbot2014 February 18, 2014
england:slang term for rolled-up piece of cardboard put in the mouth end of a joint to catch tar which is produced by tobacco rolled in the joint.

america:usually means the end of a joint which can be re-used because there's still some weed in it. this occurs because in america, joints aren't rolled alot with tobacco and so don't need a filter.

not related to weed: a small freshwater fish.
-dude, you rolled this roach way too tight, i can't smoke this shit.
-well next time roll your own fucking spliffs, you retard.

-sir, we found marijuana roaches in your apartment
-so what, i smoke pot, what is that a crime?

-i just caught a roach!
-wtf are your on about?
-the fish, you fuckhead
by Nicolo C April 18, 2011
A roach is the reminisce of a smoked joint. Once a J becomes the roach it can become very difficult to hit and it is best to usually give it to the "roach master"

A roach master is someone who can hit the roach no matter how small it gets and commonly sells cigarettes for a dollar.
Parker: "dude i don't think this joint is lit anymore, its the roach"

Lev: "dude give it to the roach master!"
by voornmaster February 24, 2011
N A term used in car sales meaning horrible credit, A person who never paied anyone there whole life and now wants to try and not pay for a car.
Man my customer is 5 months behind on his house note and in collections for all his credet cards man hes a real roach
by Un10nCarb1d4 July 06, 2009