pretty damn quick- PDQ
"right quick"
to do in a fast manner
Can you mop the floor right quick?
I'm needing that done right quick.
by Lynnette D M May 09, 2008
Top Definition
1. How rednecks say "really quick".
2. How ghetto people say "really quick".
3. How wannabe ghetto people say "really quick".
1. I'm gonna shoot a deer right quick.
2. Ima tap that right quick.
3. Ima listen to Lil Wayne right quick.
by Tikibarberfan February 01, 2010
Real Quick
Ima go to the store right quick
by ac February 11, 2004
Real Quick, fast, wont taKE LONG
Let me borrow that right quick
by Khanh September 23, 2006
the urban way to say "quickly".
Ima gonna go suck my babys' daddy off right quick to try and get me some child support to go drinkin with dis weekend.
by nea May 25, 2005
immediately and for a short time
Can I use this computer right quick?
by librarian February 14, 2006
really fast
I went to the store right quick.
by Maria April 11, 2003
To speedily perform an act.
"Hold up, I need to make a call here Rightquick."
"You betta step off Rightquick before me and Mr. Sawnoff bust you full of holes."
by GKEnder August 23, 2008
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