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Faster than ASAP.
I need the money PDQ.
by MunkySox March 08, 2004
Pretty Damn Quick. PDQ was frequently used in the retired Nickelodeon TV show "Doug" by his principle Mr. Bone.
I want you in my office PDQ!
by manbearpig11 May 17, 2011
Prancing Dancing Queers.
A game played by any number of people where you take turns trying to step on every other players feet and not get yours stepped on in return.
Best played with 2 or 4+ people, 3 becomes rather redundant. and 1 just makes you look like a retard.
it is in the view of this definer exceedingly amusing, as are the second glances from people
also called Pretty Damn Quick for those not comfortable with their sexuality
"Dude, lets play PDQ"
"nah man. my feet are still crushed from the last game"
by Zarathud the Incorrigible June 21, 2009
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