A term that every person has a different view on and that nobody can agree on. The basics of the term stay the same, a vehicle that is all show and no go. Body kits, stickers, neon, spoilers, etc. People often wrongfully use the term when someone does have a body kit and exterior mods but does also have the power to back it up. You need to look under the hood to acurately call someone a ricer. Some say that any car with an excessive wing would be a ricer. Well then what about a 1970 Plymouth Superbird from the factory, the wing on that was about 3 feet tall, is the owner of that muscle car a "ricer" because of the wing? The answer is no. It is possible to have a body kit, wheels and have a non-ricer car, it must be done with good taste and not overdone with useless stickers.
You are still a ricer with only an air intake and exhaust on your ride,
by The Judge May 08, 2003
A person who has a Japanese car that was made to go fast and handle well (Skyline, S2000, Impreza, RX7, even the Miata), and makes it go faster and handle better without making it look ugly is not a ricer.

A person who has a Japanese(typically, though ricers have been known to rice-out American and European cars) car (like the Civic) that was made to go slow, and makes the car look incredibly ugly by way of "aero kits" that are ineffective/detrimental to the car's aerodynamics is a ricer. This person could also have installed an "exhaust system" which eliminates all backpressure, including the backpressure the engine needs, which causes backfiring, loss of torque, and the infamous "farting in a coffee can" exhaust note. Furthermore, this person could have installed a set of comically large rims wrapped with almost non-existent tires, eliminating all sidewall and imparting to the car the ride qualities of a broken suspension. Lowering could have been performed by cutting the springs, which reduces ride height by softening the springs, which in turn renders the springs less useless. This is why ricers must slow to 2 miles per hour for speedbumps to avoid bottoming out.

The true hallmark of a ricer is that little to no useful engine modifications have been performed.
A non-ricer may have a small spoiler for rear downforce to even out weight distribution and increase stability at speed.

A ricer has so much "aero kits" that there is drag slowing the car, or the downforce that kicks in at speed will not let the car accelerate.
by ricer=stupid December 02, 2004
retards who fuck up imports after watching fast and furious.
look at that ricers civic it looks like my grandmas shit after a trip to taco bell!
by yodark August 20, 2008
Any vehicle whether its import, domestic, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, or even 8 cylinder that has been raped by excessive use of stickers, "shopping cart" rear spoilers, fart cannons, bmw "fish gills", useless hood scoops, and/or clear/Altezza tailights. The term has nothing to do with the amount of horsepower the vehicle has, but the amount of garbage the person puts on the exterior of the car.
One time I saw this Mustang GT ricer that had a fish gills and a "Powered by Mustang" sticker on the back window, even though it should have read "Powered by Ford"
by Mikey August 19, 2003
1. Stickers that give it "extra hp"
2. Wing
3. Fart Tip
4. Front Body Kit
5. Owner says Nos (Noz)
6. Just Plain Stupid Car
7. Thinks It's Fast but really it is not
Hey, is that a shopping cart I see in the distance. No it's a ricer with a huge wing!
by Z28 and z24 October 21, 2003
A person with a car(usually a Honda)who has spent more on visual modifications than they pay in apartment rent each year. They are usually aged between 18-30. They belive they are hot shit untill ask to race them, then they chicken out because they only have a stock 1.6L inline four engine.
See that ricer over there with the Civic? I'll bet he has a small penis.
by Alex February 08, 2004
A doofus who can't even drive a stick shift, but who goes to great expense trying to make his car LOOK fast without increasing it's performance. All show and no blow!
Look at that silly Honda with the big exhaust pipe and the wing! The jackass ricer thinks it's cool, but it has an automatic transmission! What a pantywaist!
by Sneaky Snyde May 26, 2005

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