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One who rices. Rice is derived from elitist white motorcyclists who labeled the lighter, faster, better handling Japanese sportbikes "rice rockets." From there, the "rice" moniker spread to Japanese cars, and now applies to any cars which have ricers as owners and modifiers.

The object of ricification can be any vehicle. The modifications performed must be showy and over-the-top. Most ricers are strictly into the show aspect of import tuning, and therefore drive overburdened and, plainly, ugly vehicles. Other ricers are ricers simply because of their attitude, which revolves around bikini contests and general lack of automotive knowledge. Ricers often hop on a bandwagon, which may include tasteful modification, simply because it is "in" at the time. However, it is easy to see that they are truly ricers at heart.
The entire fanbase of the Teckademics video series.

A 1992 Honda Civic with 19" wheels, a huge wing, a Black Widow bodykit, a windshield banner... and an automatic with no engine mods.
by OppositeLock January 06, 2005

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