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A white boy from the suburbs who buys a slow econobox such as a Vauxhall Nova and buys a "phat" body kit, "sick" rims, loud exhaust pipe with an otherwise stock exhuast system, "tight" Altezza tailights, "innit" spoiler that is 50 feet high, a "performance" intake, a huge ass surround sound system in the trunk that plays "PHAT BEATS YO" such as Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake. Most ricers are high school jocks who think they are "gangsta" and are popular because they are "da best yo" at football, and are also popular because the school that is fool of coporate tools/preps that think the "whip" has performance.
Ricers have 3 inch dicks.
by Chucklyn April 15, 2005

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