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your mouth / teeth
This fool was trippin' and got all up in my grille.
by PG January 26, 2003
a bad excuse for rappers to neglect their oral health. since they do not brush their teeth, the dentist has to cap or crown the tooth with the extreme decay. another way to say a mouth full of cavities.
dentist: 'ok paul wall, you have a mouthfull of cavities. im going to have to give you a grille.'

paul wall: 'will it hurt?'

dentist: 'no, jus ask ur other friends wit grillz."

paul wall: 'ok, give me a grille."
by the real don November 11, 2006
1) The front opening on a car or truck designed to allow air to pass through to the engine and radiator.
2) A cosmetic dental apparatus or any number of such apparatii affixed to the central and lateral incisors for purposes of "blinging".
1) I just ordered a new racing grille for my Civic. It's supposed to add 15 horsepower
2) My grampa just got a gold grille for his dentures & damn do they shine
by cchriss92 October 23, 2007
The front end of an automobile or truck
After I hit the deer, i had to replace my grille
by AmbroChizzle June 17, 2003
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