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The turbo 4-wheel drive version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse.
god damn that GSX just burned out on all four wheels!
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
best trim of 1g and most of 2g mitsubishi eclipses. kick ass little cars with stock turbo and awd. One of the best handling cars around
by taco tim April 20, 2003
A rare version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, 1989-1999 models only. It's turbocharged and all wheel drive, and import and domestic owners that know about them ,fear them for their insane launches and crazy power. It has a 4G63 which can be modified for cheap to be very fast.
Holy shit! That little Mitsubishi just raped that Z06 Corvette!
That's not just a Mitsubishi, that's a GSX.
by EclipseGSX March 12, 2006
A Buick made from 70 to 72 with the coolest one being the apollo white 70 with the stage 2 engine known to run 10.50 quarter miles
I raced a mach 1 mustang at a light and butt fucked it with a broken bottle
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) March 13, 2003
A buick made from 70 to 72...a real high point in car design...that is only fast when compared to mustangs.
by sarcomax July 30, 2003
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