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"real girl" - Used in the campy lingo of gay men (where everything masculine is turned feminine) to refer to an actual girl. Might be used to distinguish a real girl among drag queens, or a real "she" among she's.
No you don't understand girlfriend, this Mary, she's an R.G.
by FAB-U-LESS November 22, 2004
5 17
A slang word used to describe someone that has an extremely large, and hairy penis.
Susan, last night Dan fucked me. I was surpised to see that he is rg
by Mark Phillips January 16, 2005
12 29
Abbr. An offset to the very popular RD, RG meaning basically a nameless Random Girl. This is a very rare site to any sausage party. These fine specimens are warmly welcomed every time.
"Last night was awesome I fucked some RG after I beat some RD's ass. I wonder what her name was?
by Mike June 09, 2003
1 20