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2 definitions by Soundless

RG , The initials of a small sophisticated sex-robot send back in time by (National Anal Sex Association) NASA To have sex with older women than him,particuarly Retired "Grandmothers" and cause havoc to the wild gardens of Danderhall.Shouting often offenctive lanuage.Normally in the accent of an african american
Often spends his days going to the local shop for a chore.
But don't get distracted by his action figure size height as he is very agressive and over much time as formed an alliance with Andehh.

Often pronounced Arr-Gee
"Oh look theres an RG,Look at his package!"
"Don't worry its only sweets down there, Hes coming out of the shop!"
by Soundless September 16, 2009
Slang term normally refering to initials of "C and L"
CL,Which can often stand for things such as Cock-Licker and Cunt-Lucker , And also even the name of some delinquent child.For example Connor Lunn.
Also often Used as an insult for being abnorrmally small with geled up blonde hair.Always saying things like "combine harvester"walking around confused with a small eretion and getting beat down by better gamers
Also doesn't do much.
"Oh theres a "Cee-Ell" getting beat up by an Andehh, Should we help him?"
"No he's a Cee-Ell ya know, They don't do much!"
"This would only be better with popcorn!"
by Soundless September 16, 2009