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An internet chat abbreviation for "retarded giggles"; applicable when reading a message and in stead of 'laughing out loud', you let out a short, obnoxious, manatee-sounding laugh. An 'RG' can also be considered such if the person tilts there head back in laughter, appearing to unhinge their jaw from hysteria.
Instant Message conversation:

Adam:...although now i just remembered we were c-sectioned...seasectioned...seesectioned...ceesectioned...idk how to spell it so i'm giving multiple ways

Alex: RG... i just choked on skittle

Adam: your giggles are always retarded
by @lligator February 09, 2009
General term for some who slays super hard, usually anonymously and online, and collects wives without even one dowry.
That guy RG'd so hard on yik yak!

Damn, I wish I could RG is hard as James!
by mmmggghhh May 31, 2015
A being who takes the dark path of gaming.
"FGS, i have to play rtcw, FGS, my gf says i hav to FGS"
by TriPPy May 17, 2003
RG , The initials of a small sophisticated sex-robot send back in time by (National Anal Sex Association) NASA To have sex with older women than him,particuarly Retired "Grandmothers" and cause havoc to the wild gardens of Danderhall.Shouting often offenctive lanuage.Normally in the accent of an african american
Often spends his days going to the local shop for a chore.
But don't get distracted by his action figure size height as he is very agressive and over much time as formed an alliance with Andehh.

Often pronounced Arr-Gee
"Oh look theres an RG,Look at his package!"
"Don't worry its only sweets down there, Hes coming out of the shop!"
by Soundless September 16, 2009
To break stupidly.
To break without thought or care.
To break a item of wealth exetremly carlessly
A fat retared looking child whi cannot breath through his mount steel peoples hair cuts wears stupid glasses and plats with electronic devices and preteneds to talk on his self phone with other people but only his mom
DUDE why did you RG you phone?
DUDE i RG my laptop
by Johnathan June 01, 2004
Replacement Gangster

Unlike OG (Original Gangster), which means a gangster who was around when the gang first came into existence, an RG is one who came into the gang after it first formed, and most likely was allowed to join becuase one of their OGs got a cap popped in his ass, and is now pushing up daisies.

RG = NOOB (for lack of a better word)
An RG usually doesn't have the skills nessasary and required to be a gangster. But they are working on becoming a real gangster.
Yo, ever since OG Clarence got popped in the ass, RG Fredrick took his place as the drive-by car driver.
by ion8er December 29, 2005
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