Something that people need to understand. Seriously. Religion is a faith that people have, whether it be a person, a object, or for fuck's sake, even a damn plant! People don't seem to realize that no matter what kind of Religion we have, we need to learn to accept each other. The Westboro Baptist Church and Scientology are exceptions. Hate on them as much as you want. Scientology sucks ass because you have to pay for elightenment. And the Westboro Baptist Church are just dickwads for bashing on gays, which is a sin to their own religion! People who say that "OMFGZZZZ CHRISTIAN'S DAMN ANYONE WHO HAZZ SEX TO HELL!!!!11111ONEONE1111!!!" Grow a fucking boner. Do you even know the saying "Love the sinner, Hate The Sin?". Hell, I'm an atheist, yet I respect Christians, Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, Satanists, Everything! ...Except for Scientology...And Westboro Baptist that go to the Westboro Baptist Church...
Examples Of Religion:

*Asshole Christian*

George: I'm a Christian.
Mark: I'm a Athiest.

*Asshole Atheist*

George: I'm a Christian.
Mark: I'm a Athie- Wait, Your a Christian?
George: Yes.
Mark: Don't you know that there is no such thing as god?

*How it should really go*

George: I'm a Christian
Mark: I'm a Atheist.
George: Wanna' be friends?
Mark: Sure. I'll buy you a cold one.
by A Guy Named Chris September 04, 2008
A form of insanity, such as schizophrenia.
"Once we can look at religion objectively and impartially, it becomes entirely obvious that religion has all the characteristics of a form of insanity. To one degree or another the religious mind must accept, and believe in, another world; a supernatural or unnatural world, a world filled with all sorts of imaginary beings called gods, devils, angels, saints, demons, etc. These imaginary creatures are talked to, asked for favors, guidance, "signs", or miracles, and then blamed or thanked for natural events that follow. Except for the cloak of religion, such beliefs and actions would otherwise cause an individual to be judged insane, and committed to an institution for treatment." -Emmet F. Fields
by tom September 28, 2004
"A sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who have strength in numbers."

-Jesse Ventura
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism are all popular religions.
by Matt March 15, 2004
The political manipulation of superstition.
Our religion is better than yours. Our bombs are holy bombs.
by F5 F5 F5 November 20, 2006
something created by people to explain what couldn't be explained at the time but now that they have been we need to let go. People don't wanna hear that their grandma is dead so they said "shes alive in heaven" and people get happy. People don't wanna hear that their lives are meaningless and there is no purpose tolife so we made up a reason. Religion has done more harm and people need to face the truth.
religion is for the ignorant
by matt dold August 02, 2004
Apparently what most people on urban dictionary hate.
Look at some of the highest rated definitions of religion.
by Spid22 January 23, 2011
Religion is a waste of time.
by Pete January 14, 2004

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